Icon of Christ by Beato Angelico

Art Reproduction by fresco of Beato Angelico. Study of the Face of the Risen Christ

Sacred icon made with tempera and pure gold leaf on table.
Painted by Silvia Salvadori. Made with the original technique of the 15th century Sienese school.

Measures: 25 x 20 cm


Silvia Salvadori paints the face of the Risen Christ choosing the tempera on the table on the gold background. In the original fresco, Christ is surrounded by an almost dazzling light, and Silvia decides to use the same light but amplifying the effect with the gold background. Silvia Salvadori masterfully recreates the face of Christ.

Brushes are fluid and soft. Every detail is perfectly cared like in the beard, the hair and the great expressiveness of the look as real. The crown, unlike the original work, has been replaced and embellished by an elegant, gold decorative motif with agate stone and point-to-point agate across the surface.

Finally, Silvia Salvadori has embedded small red garnets, symbolized by the red cross (interior of the halo) present in the original work (see photo).

The painting kept at the St Mark Museum in Florence is a fresco depicting Christ with the Pie Women at the Sepulcher and is located in the eighth cell of the convent of St Mark in Florence.

This fresco dates back to 1440 and was made by Giovanni da Fiesole called Beato Angelico. In this work the artist tried to unite the perspective with the attention to the human figure. The modernity of the Renaissance joins the old values ​​of medieval art. Light takes on a mystical and almost metaphysical value. It expands into heaven, becoming an expression of the Divine Thanksgiving that saves man.

Original: Museum of St. Mark, Florence. Painted in fresco by Beato Angelico (1440).

Measures: 25 x 20 cm

Technique: Original technique from the 15th century Sienese school. Egg yolk tempera on background of gold leaf 23k, engraving on burin.
Semi-precious stones: Red garnets. Antique table.


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