Small Majesty on the throne between Angels and Saints

Small Majesty on the throne between Angels and Saints of Sienese school.

Sacred icon made with tempera and pure gold leaf on table.
Painted by Silvia Salvadori. Made with the original technique of the 15th century Sienese school.

Measures: 22 x 30 cm


In this work every detail has been well cared for and well executed.

You can see the perfectly painted faces in martinian style, the soft drapes of the Virgin and Saints, the geometric floor, etc. The colors used are decisive, warm and bright. The precious brocade fabric, planted on the throne of the Virgin Mary, has been finely decorated with the "gold scratch" technique.

The composition was further embellished by an arched frame made of relief pads.

Original: painted by Silvia Salvadori

Measures: 22 x 30 cm

Technique: Tempera and Gold Leaf 23k on board. Original painting technique of the Sienese school. Patchwork decorations (frame) and engravings on gold pluck. Poplar Antique Table.


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