Mary Magdalene

Icon of Mary Magdalene. Hand-painted icon of Mary Magdalene in Duccio by Buoninsegna's style.

Sacred icon made with tempera and pure gold leaf on table.
Painted by Silvia Salvadori. Made with the original technique of the 15th century Sienese school.

Measures: 9 x 8 cm


Study of the face of Mary Magdalene inspired by the pictorial style of Duccio di Buoninsegna. In this little icon, Silvia Salvadori tried to recreate with the same brushstrokes the flesh of the face of Mary Magdalene. Every detail of this small icon is perfect.

Original: Painted by Silvia Salvadori.

Measures: 9 x 8 cm

Technique: Egg yolk tempera on Gold Leaf, 23K. Original technique of the Sienese painting school.


Availability: Item Sold. (Available on commission).


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