Drawings and sketches

Portrait of Renaissance Lady

Portrait of Renaissance Lady inspired by the style of Sandro Botticelli.

Study of a face and white ermine dress.
Technique: pencil and charcoal.

Renaissance lady with a pearl necklace

Study of a face of a young Renaissance lady.

Renaissance lady with a pearl necklace.
Technique: pencil.

Golden Lance dedicated to the Saracino's Giostra

Design of the Golden Lance dedicated to the Saracino's Carousel in Arezzo.

Lance inspired by the paintings on the table and the frescoes of the painter Spinello Aretino operating in the land of Arezzo between 1350 and 1411. Detail of the lance handle. At the top the sphere depicting the Universe with the colors of the four neighborhoods of Saracino's Carousel. At the center of the cone, the Virgin appears surrounded by musician angels. At the bottom of the cone we find a snake devouring the egg, symbol of eternal life.
Technique: Sketch made in pencil and refinished with watercolor pastels. Gold details made of gold powder



Artist working in his 14th century Shop.
Technique: pencil.

Study of the Lion of San Marco

Lion of St. Mark.

Study of the Lion of St. Mark for a Noble Family Coat of Arms depicting the Lion of St. Mark in the background of the lagoon. In the painting Venice appears as an imaginary and ideal city of 1200 We can see a night sky illuminated by golden stars that gradually place a rising dawn with light, cold and typically winter tones (see painting).
Technique: pencil and charcoal for nuances.

Draw of a family medieval coat of arms

Family medieval coat of arms

Commissioned draw.
Technique: pencil.

Chimera of Arezzo

Drawing of the Chimera of Arezzo depicted in the historic emblem of the neighborhood of the Saracino Carousel.

Drawing and reinterpreting the original Chimera design that appeared almost unreadable and with little defined contours. The new design was necessary for the creation of a new shield to be inserted in the neighborhood council room (see the finished painting).
Technique: pencil and charcoal.

Ginevra riding

"Ginevra riding with the future King of England".

Anatomical study of horse and figure.
Technique: pencil and charcoal.

The Virgin as "Goddess Mother"

Sketch depicting the Virgin as "Goddess Mother", protector of Nature and Water.

Technique: pencil and charcoal.

Musician Angel

Study of a Musician Angel in Renaissance Style Scenes.

Technique: pencil.

Peasant in medieval clothes

Sketch "Peasant in medieval clothes with basket of fruit and animals".

Technique: pencil.

Hunting scene

Hunting scene with horsemen and knights in medieval clothes.

In the background a Tuscan medieval landscape with castles, tree-lined hills, rich and luxuriant oak trees, water mills, springs, lakes and wildlife.
Technique: water-colored pencil and charcoal.